A brief History of ALSO THAT:

Once upon a time there was a writer and wanna-be painter named Mick Theebs who got the notion in his head to make a blog, as such an endeavor was the fashion of the time. Over time and moderate exposure to cosmic radiation that blog mutated into the website you are now reading. Initially, Mick was selfishly interested in sharing only his own work, but soon realized it was more rewarding to share the work of other artists as well. While he still displays his own art, his work is not longer the sole feature of ALSO THAT and he could not be happier.

Why is this site called "Also That"?

Mick wanted to name the site something that is playful and fun to say. ALSO THAT straddles the line between sentence fragment and complete thought. But even beyond the head-turning aesthetics of the words, Mick chose the name because the phrase "also, that" implies the antecedent of "that" is an afterthought. In many ways, art and creativity are considered afterthoughts in our current culture, so Mick chose a name that he felt best reflected that mentality while simultaneously trying to subvert it.  


  • ALSO THAT is updated on Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. 

  • Mick Theebs only owns the content that he himself creates. If he is sharing the work of someone else, that work belongs to that someone else.

  • Keith Roland is a resident artist that shares his photography roughly once a month.

  • Taylor Raj is a resident writer that shares reviews of movies and/or television roughly once a month.

  • Do not steal from Mick or any of the Other People whose work is shared here. 

For Even more information, email alsothatwebmaster@gmail.com or complete the following form.

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